Autodesk Revit Idea Station (In English!)


Because the Idea Station for Autodesk Inventor is acknowledged to be a great success by the Autodesk users in our office, it used to be a bit of a joke that the Revit Idea station was in Russian, and that the feedback was a one-way comment, as opposed to a forum. NO MORE!

Please read the guidelines for using the Revit Idea Station before using it.


View the Idea Station here:


There is no doubt in my mind that Revit is the premier BIM package for AEC and that it is simply fabulous, but like anything created by humans, there are always improvements to be made. I teach all the flavors of Revit (Architectural, Structural and MEP) to a variety of professions, including Draftsmen, Architects, Engineers (Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Lighting) and Managers. Many times they are experienced Revit users and have a lot of questions for me. More often than not I can offer a solution, but sometimes one has to offer a workaround and if that does not exist say: “It is not possible to do that in Revit”. The obvious retort is: “Why not?”

Well, just like the other Autodesk users we Revit people can now start discussing our wish list on the appropriate forum. I urge all and sundry to do so. I welcome constructive criticism in my own life, as it points me in directions that make me a better version of myself. I believe the same sentiment is applicable to the Revit developers and they will welcome the opportunity to evolve the software to suit the needs of the AEC community. Rome was not built in a day, but it was built!