Autodesk Revit Structural Truss Slave Members to Intersections


I probably got to know an earlier incarnation of “Revit” when I learned a bit of Pro Engineer in my Mechanical Engineering studies. Apparently, the programmers of Revit were the same people. In many respects, Pro engineer was a lot like Autodesk Inventor, and then some simplifying assumptions were made about buildings when Revit was programmed.

Therefore, Revit is known as a parametric modelling engine. It makes a lot of the geometric and assembly constraint decisions for itself. This can drive users up the wall when they don’t know the “character” of the software yet.

What is of most use is to either experiment with Revit to get to know it better. If one thing does not work, try another. Read about the topic you are experimenting within the help, textbooks and online. Ask questions on the forum. Watch YouTube videos and look at the presentations available on Autodesk University.

If you need help adopting Revit please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance to you.