Autodesk Tandem and Eptura – The Future of Facilities Management


Going into the future, Autodesk is partnering with Archibus Eptura for facilities management.

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This is good news, because Eptura is leveraging the digital twin that is hosted in Autodesk Tandem. Tandem leverages the models that is hosted in the Autodesk Construction Cloud. In other words, the data is centralized and there is a bi-directional workflow between the two platforms.  

“Tandem leverages BIM data and presents this valuable information back to the facility owner and operator, within the context of an accurate virtual model creating a near real-time digital twin, bridging the handover gap whilst Eptura is utilizing the data from the twin to enhance operational workflows.”

One of the most interesting technologies to me is the streaming of information from transducers (IoT) to the digital twin in Autodesk Tandem for data capture and further analysis, including predictive maintenance. I look forward to seeing if Eptura can alert the manager on data anomalies from streamed data.

In addition to predictive maintenance, the patterns of degradation and usage over time will allow us to make better decisions regarding large developments and planning. Want to place a new building in a city? How would you plan for the services to minimize environmental impact and costs at the same time? Can the data collected from a large property portfolio inform you to make better decisions? Can we leverage the lessons learned to improve existing conditions and can we feed the collected data into AI to maximize our collective benefit from property investment? The future is being invented as we discuss these topics and I look forward to seeing this in action one day.  

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