Autodesk – Use Teams to Assign Certain Software to Certain Users

An interesting question came my way this week. A client purchased Revit LT subscription (x1) expiring in Feb 2022 with SRN 1. The client then purchased another Revit LT subscription (x6) expiring in Oct with SRN2. Assigning users by-product only shows Revit LT (x7). How does one control which user is assigned the software that will expire first (SRN1)?

This is not possible from the Software Administrator’s user interface. All that the platform shows is that the company has 7 available licenses that can be assigned by user or software. But there is another option: assign the user by team.

Teams were confusing when they were first brought in by Autodesk as they were created by default for the customer. Now, users have good control over their teams.

The trick is to create a team, and then to assign the subscription to the team. This way, the team can be assigned the software within the subscription, and therefore one can control whose software will expire at what date.

Here is a great link by Autodesk that explains in detail how to go about creating and managing your teams, which subscriptions are assigned to the team, and which users belong to each respective team (users can belong to more than one team).

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