Autodesk when Username is Changed, Check the Allocation of Software Licenses


There are times when the administration of an Autodesk account requires a username change of the administrators. One should usually wait 24 hours before all the changes are affected, and then one can carry on as usual.

Recently we had a client that struggled to activate their Revit LT license. They had run a trial which had run out and they had bought the software. It just would not activate.

Steps they had taken include uninstalling Revit LT. Downloading Revit LT again does make sure that the downloaded files are not corrupted. Uninstalling again to make sure the license manager and single sign-on updates were installed before installing Revit LT. Ultimately, they contacted Autodesk and got hold of an agent.

The issue turned out to be that the change of username did not remove the old username from the allocation of the licenses. In other words, a new user (username) was created, and the old username was still in existence.

Ultimately the client figured it out for themselves before the case was taken further within the Autodesk help structure. They unassigned the old username from the licenses and then added the new username. This solved the issue.

Finally, a reminder to Autodesk software administrators: investigate the allocation of software to users after you change the administrator usernames. This might save you a lot of problems in the short term.

If you need a recap on how to administer your account, here are two great links to consult.

If you need help administering your Autodesk Software, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.