Backup BIM 360 Folder Structure and Files to Physical Media

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Migrating to the cloud can be very convenient, but it is also important to be able to back this data up to a physical location(s): what if the files in the cloud become corrupt, or if geopolitics result in the destruction of part of the cloud?

There are two parts to BIM 360:

  • Plans
  • Project Files

Micrographics, Autodesk, BIM 360, Backup, Physical Media

“Plans” are not synchronized to the local hard drive via Autodesk Desktop Connector, although “Project Files” is.

Micrographics, Autodesk, BIM 360, Backup, Physical Media

To quickly back the “Project Files” folder up there are two options open to someone that has full access to all the project Files folders.

Online one may tick all the sub folders and download the source files.

Micrographics, Autodesk, BIM 360, Backup, Physical Media

Otherwise one may Right Mouse Click (RMC) on the Project Files folder in the desktop files and choose “Download” before backing up.

Micrographics, Autodesk, BIM 360, Backup, Physical Media

The “Plans” folder is a completely different matter. Here it is laborious and cumbersome to download files and folders. In fact, folders can’t be downloaded, only published PDF files!

IF you would like to add your voice to the conversation, please comment and vote for the idea here:

Here is the latest news about downloading files from the BIM 360 Plans folder.

Make the decision on how to store your files carefully. Publishing PDF drawings to the BIM 360 Plans folder is very useful, and gives the team great tools, but backing up other files is not that easy. Make sure to add a clause to the BIM Execution Plan that users of the Plans folder must keep copies of their uploads on their servers or hard drives

If you need help backing up your BIM 360 folder structure and files, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.