BIM 360 Coordination – Clash Detecting per Discipline

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Consider Architectural discipline. The Architectural team needs to be notified of any Architectural elements that need to be modified. Suppose the Second Floor was of interest, then one would clash detect with the First, Second, and Third Structural floors. Then one is guaranteed to pick up clashes with not only the current floor but the floor below and above.

Similarly, if one were interested in how the Second-Floor Structural model elements one would clash detect with the Architectural models of the same floor, the floor below and the floor above.

In each of the above cases, it would probably be the discipline BIM Manager that would set up the clashes. They would do so in Views leveraging the extracted “3D View Models” as required. For each clash detection, the clashes would be organized per discipline-specific model. The BIM manager would then assign issues to the clashes directing them at his team members.

Next time we learn how to assign issues to clashes and manage them.

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