BIM 360 Coordination – Issuing and Managing Clashes

Last time we learned that we clash detect per discipline.

Today we learn how detected clashes are managed in BIM 360 Coordinate.

First, a decision is made to sort clash detections per instance, or whether it is more appropriate to group them per family type (they typical clashes tend to apply to family types).

Once a clash is decided on, we create an issue that is then pinned to the model (indicating a specific or typical location). The issue can be assigned to an individual, a role or a company. This will be visible on each user’s home page.

If a clash is not an issue, then indicate this. The “Not an Issue” clash cannot be filtered for, but it may be seen on the closed clash tab.

Once the component model has been fixed and it and container model has been published, then the issue can be finalized by changing the status to “Closed”

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