BIM 360 Design USA vs EU Server


With the advent of Covid, many people have already migrated their Revit models to BIM 360 using the BIM 360 Design service from Autodesk. There is so much more available than BIM 360 Design on the Autodesk Construction Cloud. Please have a look and see what Autodesk is developing.

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Living in South Africa there are a few things to consider, not least of which is the alignment of your laws with the USA vs Europe. It is generally accepted that South Africa’s laws more closely align to the European model. That said, if data privacy is not too much of a concern, you are welcome to use the USA server.

It is important to note the following. The EU server only supports Revit Design Collaboration from Revit 2021 onward. Earlier versions of Revit are not supported. In comparison, the US server supports the versions from 2018 onward.

When you run a trial version of BIM 360 Design, the data necessarily sits on the US server. If you then want to convert the hub to an EU location, you will need to download the files and then create a new hub with your paid license. All the cloud information like mark-ups, issues and file history will be lost.

It is not possible to change the location of an existing hub. A new license would have to be purchased.

To read more about the differences and abilities of the EU server, please consult the following link.

If you need help adopting Revit, BIM 360 Design, and other cloud services from Autodesk, please contact Micrographics so we may be of further assistance.