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It is a relatively simple thing to think of BIM from the point of view of the Design Lead. While they need to constantly stay in communication with the Construction Lead for guidance (their design models are used for 4D, 5D, and 6D BIM objectives by the Design Lead), their main job is to create the BIM and Record Model.

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The job of the Construction Lead is more complex. The reason for this is that there are more information models that come into play. The Project Information Model (PIM) and Asset Information Model (AIM), for example.

Understanding the roles of the Design and Construction Leads enables a BIM Consultant to advise a client correctly, and to set up the Employers Information Request (EIR). This document is set up, after consultation with the Client, to guide the supply chain to produce a built asset that can be managed for the benefit of the Client. This includes Facilities Maintenance and Asset Management, which can save the clients a lot of money over the life of the built asset. Essentially, BIM Objectives are mapped against actions the Design teams need to perform. This ensures the successful completion of the project. Besides the BIM protocols that are adhered to, there is also the regulatory framework that binds the different disciplines that must be considered.

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