BIM ISO 19650 Project Information Management Assignment Matrix


When you first have a look at the ISO 19650 standard, you might be forgiven for being a bit overwhelmed. For most of the roles involved in creating a built asset, there is only so much that we are responsible for. We are not necessarily the Principal Agent or the Project Manager. We only need to see one part of the BIM Elephant.

The Project Information Management Assignment Matrix is important because it maps the information activities on the project onto the roles that are involved on the project. Each task number on the matrix is referenced in the paragraph in the ISO 19650 documentation for further reference.

It should be recognized that the responsibility matrix items must also be mapped onto the information exchange milestones. The process is recursive on the addition of any task team, and this must also be considered.

Autodesk, Micrographics, BIM, ISO 19650, Project Information Management Assignment Matrix

I have begun compiling our documentation around the same numbering standards. In the number field of the name standard, I reference the relevant document/responsibility matrix item in the first two digits. Then any supporting documentation or sub-chapters are referenced in the last three digits of the number field.

Autodesk, Micrographics, BIM, ISO 19650, Project Information Management Assignment Matrix

ISO 19650 is being adopted worldwide across the building industry and you should be paying attention to that as your future may very well be intertwined with the adoption thereof.

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