Bim360 Trial extended to 30 June and your options after



A couple of months ago Autodesk has extended some of its product trials to the 30th of June.  This has been a welcome extension as the Bim360 extended trials allowed you to work from home and share your models.

Eligible Products

There are a couple of products that the extension applied to. The ones that are the most beneficial for Revit users are the BIM360 Design platform.

Bim360 Trial extended - 1 Eligible products

As some of us have been working from home using Revit and the Bim360 Design trial this is a welcome extension as for an extended period of time you don’t have to go into the office to work on the local network you can work from home and share your model via the cloud.

Bim360 Design allows the Revit uses to create and upload their model to the cloud. This model is then shared with other users within the team or even shared with other teams and consultants.

Bim360 Trial extended - 2 BIM360 Design workflow

Extended Access program end and your options

As this extended access period draws to a close you have a choice of either downloading your data or purchasing a subscription of BIM360 Design. If you choice to purchase a Bim360 Design subscription your data will be converted to a live hub and you will be able to use to data as normal. No need to download any data files.


The benefit of having a cloud based solution is that you maintain the ability to work from home but this also allows you to bid on larger projects that require the use of BIM360 Design and Bim36 Docs as a communication platform. This way you also give your business the opportunity to grow.

If you want to learn more on the ending of the Extended Access Program please visit this LINK or alternatively please contact us at: for more information.