Business – Autodesk Cloud HUB Management Considerations


Imagine you are an owner operator or a corporate who is commissioning a new building to add to your property portfolio. Your plan is to host the digital twin on the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

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  1. Own the data. To do this you need to purchase at least one of the licenses of each of the modules that will enable the people you invite to the project to get their work done. While you do not need to wield these licenses (you can reassign them to others on the project after initiating the hub and creating the project), you at least need them to initiate the project. When the project is finished you can scale down to only an Autodesk Docs license do you maintain your Revit cloud models with the click of a button from year to year. Activate the project again you can just purchase the licenses you need to activate the 30 different services that are associated with the modules that you’ve purchased.
  2. United States of America or the European Union? If, like me, you operate in South Africa, then the European Union is the prudent choice because their data laws are more closely aligned to ours and because we do not yet have our own servers you would be well served by choosing the European Union to host your project.
  3. Employ a BIM Representative to look after your interests.

If you need help adopting the AEC Collection or the Autodesk Construction Cloud in your practice or if you are looking to invest in hardware, please contact Micrographics so that we may be of assistance.

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