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Automation and Artificial Intelligence has played a large role in transforming the way in which we design the world around us. There are benefits and dangers we should be aware of, and a necessity to compete to stay globally relevant. This will not happen without investment in research and development. Once the industry advances, there will be more work than before, because creating order necessarily creates more disorder than order and that must be managed (work is created). This is a physical law: The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. Betting against this outcome will be like saying the sun will not come up tomorrow.

The danger is that the profits of Automation and AI will be wasted, and instead of retraining and upskilling employees (and diversifying), the workforce is downsized. This will be counterproductive to the industry.  There is a multitude of opportunities that avail itself to South Africa because our labour cost is low in comparison to other countries while our capability and work ethic is respected. No doubt international projects will end up being developed in South Africa, but how competitive we are will ultimately depend on staying technologically relevant.

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