Business – Mandate Autodesk Software in the Exchange Information Request (EIR)


As an Owner/Operator that is investing in a new built asset, the internationally accepted best practice of retaining a BIM consultant and rolling out an EIR allows you to custom the deliverables into a digital twin that can be easily managed.

If I were a South African owner, I would specify the following for an Architectural asset that I commission.

  • The data shall be stored on the European Union Autodesk Construction Cloud. This makes the project most closely align with South African data laws.
  • The original authored files must be in my possession. I must have the freedom to maintain and alter the models as I manage the asset over its life.
  • They shall be Revit cloud files because I can upgrade them from year to year at the click of a button.
  • Request that models are at least authored using the AEC collection to ensure best coordination in the Autodesk ecosystem.
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Do you have the right to ask for these things? Yes, you do. It should be further enforced contractually. Usually, a clause that states that the model will be used only for the purposes it was provided for is sufficient to settle intellectual property (IP) claims between the supply chain participants.

This is a further advantage of the EIR. It allows for multiple supply chains to bid on construction of the asset. If they are not happy with the terms, then they can opt not to reply with a BIM Execution Plan.

If you need help adopting the AEC Collection or the Autodesk Construction Cloud in your practice or if you are looking to invest in hardware, please contact Micrographics so that we may be of assistance.

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