Business – What to do if You Created a HUB in the US Instead of the EU

When you purchase cloud licenses under a contract, you are given the option to create the HUB on the US or EU server. If you are based in South Africa, chances are you may choose the EU server because their data laws are more closely aligned to those of South Africa. However, if you chose to initially create the HUB on the US server, and you want to relocate your hub to the EU server, then you may have a problem.

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It is not possible to move the hub from the US to the EU. Instead, at the very least a Docs license must be subscribed to under a new contract. That is the key. Each contract can set up a hub if required. This can be a liability if you do not manage your Autodesk hub correctly because you can create multiple hubs. If these get mixed up, then it is only partially possible to migrate projects (there is a limitation on the information structures communication that can be transferred because cloud services are secure and do not allow for the replication of historical data). Note, this is also why the Owner should be holding the hub of the project if they plan to use the digital twin downstream. This should, in fact, be your first consideration if you are planning to use the Autodesk Construction Cloud to host a project.

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