Can Navisworks 2022 NWD Files be Viewed Offline on an iPhone?


Can one view a 3D NWD file on an iPhone when one is not connected to the internet? Until recently a client had been using Autodesk A360 Drive, which is now retired. He would download the file to walk around a plant during construction and then refer to the model.

Plants during construction have a reputation for causing one to lose internet signals. On large projects, one may use cellphone repeaters, but this is not always economically practical.

How does one have this capability going into the future?

The first suggestion would be to use the Autodesk Viewer. However, it is found that, on losing connectivity, the model is lost and on reconnection, the entire model must be loaded again. So, unless repeaters are used to ensure constant connectivity, this is not an option.

This leaves BIM 360 and ACC – both paid services. Firstly, I know that BIM 360 has a phone app that can be used on old projects, but I tried to see if I could create a new project on the old platform. Now, while BIM 360 Field, BIM 360 Plan, and BIM 360 Glue are still available for activation, clearly the other modules seem to be on the new platform. After communicating with Autodesk I can now state that one is still able to create the project on the old platform, so one can still use the BIM 360 App to view the files.

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Finally, the ACC platform has no app for this, only for sheets (in essence, printed drawings). If you would like for them to add the Document Folder App, please vote for it here:

So, in conclusion, if one were wanting the same abilities as the old A360 App, one would have to:

  • Use the free Autodesk Viewer
  • Ensure continuous internet connectivity


  • Use BIM Docs App on a tablet
  • Ensure continuous internet connectivity


  • Use ACC Docs in Viewer mode on a tablet
  • Ensure continuous internet connectivity

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