Can you render, do area calculations and sun studies with Revit LT?



I recently had been asked a couple of questions in relation to Revit LT features and if you can do certain tasks with Revit LT.

The Questions:

Can Revit LT do Rendering?

The answer is that you cannot do on-PC rendering but you can do Cloud Rendering and Revit 2021 has an enhanced Realistic View. This Realistic Mode is actually very good, and I think, good enough for the average user. To explain I captured a screenshot from Revit LT software showing exterior and interior view at the top and then the equivalent Realistic Mode View at the bottom. I have also exported these realistic views to an Image file to show the quality Revit LT can produce.

Revit LT Questions - Realistic View

Revit LT Questions - Front Yard

Revit LT Questions - Kitchen View

Can Revit LT do Area calculations?

The answer is yes. I can add Room objects inside the rooms and add these Room areas in a schedule. I then could add them together to get total areas. I can also generate Gross Area plans and schedules.

Revit LT Questions - Areas

Can Revit LT do Sun studies?

In the screenshot below I set up the View to show the sun angles per date time and place. Although it is a bit limited you can produce a basic sun study.

Revit LT Questions - Sun Study


I hope by answering these common questions that potential Revit LT users would ask assists these users to make a more informed purchasing decision. If you have more question in this regard or want more information, please contact us at