How to change a template in SimLab 3d PDF Exporter for Revit.


A customer asked how to change the title block for his SimLab 3D PDF presentation as he needs to update his template to include the different client names he I exporting the 3D view for.

Simlab is an addon for Revit whereby you can export a Revit 3D view into a normal PDF and anyone can then view that 3D view opening the PDF. For more information you can visit

I have previously installed the addin so inside Revit you’d go to the Add-Ins tab and then open the SimLab menu. Within the PDF Settings icon is where you would select your templates.

The Simlab PDF Settings area is where you select your titleblock to use for exporting a 3D view with. Now select the template you would like to use and click Edit to get into the SimLab template editor. I just selected one of the standard templates that come with the software as an example.

To edit any text on the standard template simply double click the text item to edit. In the dialogue box that pop up you can change the text and click OK.

Inside this Template editor, you can also insert images, draw lines, add text and many other visual editing tools to customize a standard template. Once you have completed the template editing you should Save your changes. See below.

Now you can exit the editor. In the initial PDF Settings area make sure you have your edited template selected and click Save at the bottom.

You’ve now set the edited template as default when an export happens and you are now ready to export a 3D view using this template.