Changes to Autodesk SketchBook Pro


Changes to Autodesk SketchBook Pro


A couple of years ago in 2018 Autodesk made Sketchbook free for download. The Pro version could still be bought as a separate product. This blog focusses on the most recent changes where Autodesk is ending the availability to purchase the Pro version.

Changes to Autodesk Sketchbook Pro - 1 Sketchbook pro

What are the changes?

From April 2021 you cannot purchase Sketchbook Pro however you’ll be able to download it from the Apple App store, Google Play Store, Microsoft App store and on

What is Sketchbook?

Sketchbook is a Autodesk raster graphics tool that allow you to draw in freehand using brushes and pens and focusses more on art work than drawing accurately like you would with AutoCAD. You draw on a touch screen device like a tablet, phone using a stylus en digital pen or PC using the mouse. Once you have an image you can export it to a JPG and other image formats including to Photoshop.

Changes to Autodesk Sketchbook Pro - 2 using stylus

What are the difference between the versions?

The main difference between the two versions is that the Pro can be deployed as a Network version and has some differences in licensing. As we know Autodesk is starting to move away from the use of Network versions. The non-pro version is free and are mainly used by the individual user. More on the differences click here


This is a welcome change and although the basic functionality of the two versions is the same it will simplify the delivery and access of this great drawing tool.

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