Civil 3D 2020 – Note Label for Coordinates


I was surprised that I could not find labels in Civil 3D to indicate Nothings, Eastings, Latitude and Longitude. After a bit of reading and experimentation it became an easy task.

When creating site drawings that are to be linked into Revit, the annotation of Easting and Northing ordinates for “vertical/longitudinal” and “horizontal/latitudinal” lines are achieved by creating “Note label styles” to indicate only the northing or only the easting.

When wanting to indicate not only the Northing and Easting but the Latitude and Longitude in one label, that is also possible. This is needed as a reference for AutoCAD users who want to use their map data as a backdrop in a coordinate system that is aligned to the Northing and Easting value of the coordinate system they are working in.

If you need help creating labels for your Civil 3D project, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance to you.