Civil 3D 2022 Integration with Autodesk Docs – What Can – and Can’t – Do

Autodesk, Civil 3D 2022, Autodesk Docs, Xrefs, Data Shortcuts, Sheet Sets, Publish Surface

Those that purchase the AEC collection get a license of Autodesk Docs. This is the data repository basis on which the other Autodesk Construction Clous modules operate. So, if you are an Autodesk Civil 3D user, you may ask what you can do with the Autodesk Docs license.

Autodesk, Civil 3D 2022, Autodesk Docs, Xrefs, Data Shortcuts, Sheet Sets, Publish Surface

Firstly, you can publish a topography to the Autodesk Docs repository. That means you can leverage the advanced topography modeling tools in Civil 3D to carefully prepare your site for a Revit model. Especially when it comes to drainage and parking lots on topographies, Revit cannot compete with Civil 3D. Just make sure the files share the same coordinates and then link the published topography into Revit from the cloud.

Xrefs can be loaded in from the desktop connector. However, it must be carefully managed. The files must be given time to upload and synchronize to the hard drive, and they must be unlocked. The desktop connector makes it possible for all the computers to attach the files as they all see the same file paths. Make sure to have the Xrefs as absolute references so that the file paths resolve successfully.

Data Shortcuts only work with the BIM Collaborate Pro License. The Autodesk Docs license simply states that a local path, and not a cloud path, was stipulated for the data shortcuts and rejects the creation of shortcuts outright.

None of the cloud licenses are currently able to manage sheet sets. Do not use the Autodesk Construction Cloud if you plan to use sheet sets.

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