Civil 3D 2022 Xref Layer Group does not Update on Re-path


When you reference in a DWG into Civil 3D it creates a group in the layer manager where the XRef’s layers are nested under the name of the file that has been Xref’ed in. If you do this on a local drive, and then upload the file to the cloud, then you need to re-path the link to a cloud-based file. However, once you re-path the Xref, the layer group does not change its name. There is no way to rename this group. The only option is to detach the Xref and attach the new reference.

What this highlight is that file names that we must choose filenames judiciously and apply them rigorously. The more effort we put into following a BIM Protocol, the easier our file management becomes. If we take a lackadaisical approach, we are certain to waste more time in the future. A stitch in time saves nine.

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