Civil 3D 2023 – Data Shortcuts and Collaborate Pro and Docs

During a consultation with a Civil Engineering company, the question was asked whether they can leverage one Collaborate Pro license on the Autodesk Construction Cloud provided the other users have a license of Autodesk Docs. Note, the AEC Collection already includes a license of Docs, so that would not incur an extra cost for the users of Docs. Only one Collaborate Pro license is considered. Specifically, Data Shortcuts are of consideration.

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I tested the workflow on two computers using my own and a training account. Let’s call the Collaborate Pro license holder User A and the Docs holder User B.

The workflow will work as follows.

1. User A uses the Collaborate Pro license to establish the Data Shortcuts Working Folder and Working Project.

2. User A can associate the Data Shortcut folder with projects.

3. User A creates Data Shortcuts and places them on the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

4. User A references the Data Shortcuts into projects for User B

5. User B uses the project that User A set up. The data shortcuts are visible.

So, if the company can afford to have User A manage the Autodesk Cloud Communications (Handling clash issues and sharing and consuming packages, then User/s B can carry on with designing the project, leveraging the Data shortcuts that were created. It is not the optimal solution, but if AEC Collections are of consideration, then one Collaborate Pro license can extend the Company into a Teams workflow that is often required on current projects.

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