Civil 3D Change Label Units


Civil 3D is known as an AutoCAD vertical platform. This means it is built on top of AutoCAD. It intimidates most who meet it at first, but in time one realises how powerful it is.

Every now and then I meet someone with the fortitude and intellect to adopt the platform and apply it in their work. I had the pleasure to help just such a person adopt the platform on one of her renewable energy projects.

Unfortunately, the labels in the file she was dealt with reported the incorrect units. In this short video we address how to go about this. It comes down to a simple concept. If no item is selected in the label code, the item will be added to the label. Otherwise, the code is changed to suit the user selection.

If you need help adopting Autodesk Civil 3D, please contact Micrographics so we may assist with training and trouble shooting.