Civil 3D COGO Point Labels Aligned with Polyline – Dynamo Graph

An interesting Civil 3D Dynamo graph recently crossed my desk. Essentially the graph aligns alignment labels with a polyline. There are some limitations to the graph (a polyline must be created from the alignment to start with), and as the graph was released, it did not handle COGO points that had an elevation applied.

I alter the graph a bit to manage the elevation issue, and we discuss the script in a general fashion. We gain an understanding of what the graph author created, and we show how you can interact with the Dynamo community. Dynamo graphs are great if you like to automate repetitive tasks, and can be a great time saver. However, there is always a balance to be struck between developing a graph and doing the work manually. Ultimately, if it will save you time on the production line, develop the graph. If not, don’t.

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