How to Copy a Revit Beam opening from one beam to the next.


A Revit 2016 user asked how to recreate a beam cut done on one beam so that you don’t have to create the cut manually on other beams as it would take very long to create a cut on each of the beam ends.

To illustrate the process I created the following couple of steps.

  1. Open a steel structure or draw up a couple of the columns and beams in Revit.


  1. Now Zoom into one of the ends of a beam. The front or back beam might be a good staring point. On the Structure Tab click Opening by Face.


  1. Tab-select so that the Working plane is vertical over the end of the beam as shown in the screenshot.


  1. Now go back to the Architecture Tab and click “Viewer” on the right.


  1. This enables the Workplane Viewer viewing your drawing plane at a 90 degree angle so that you can draw the cut you need more precise. Make sure you draw a closed loop.


  1. Once done you can close the Workplane Viewer and click Finish. The beam is cut.


  1. To copy this cut you should go to an elevation view or a Left/Right 3D view. Select the cut elements and click Copy from the Modify Ribbon. Make sure you untick the “Constrain” option in the options bar and copy the cut elements from one beam to the next.


8. Viewing the two beam ends in 3D the result should be look similar to this screenshot saving you time as you don’t have to redraw the cut at each beam end.