Create Autodesk Collaboration Pro Model Publish Schedule


Sharing packages is a critical component of ACC Collaborate Pro. When using Revit cloud files (non-cloud uploaded files will not work), it is important to remember to publish your models before sharing the package. This can be time consuming and can usually be done by any user of Revit who has access to the cloud files. If the models are not published, then the latest information will not be available to other teams.

Is there an easier way to accomplish this? Thankfully, the answer is yes. If you were assigned a BIM Collaborate Pro and you have Manage permission on your Team and Shared folders, or if you are a Project Administrator, then you can create a publish schedule. Note, you should still enforce synchronization of the models by all authors timeously and enforce this using a BIM protocol. If you don’t do this then local file information will not be published. 

Only weekly publishing is possible.

Also, only publishing with links is currently available. If you would like the option to publish without links to be included, please vote for the idea here.

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