Creating a Revit drafting line with text


In this article we will create Line based Details component that has text embedded into the line. These lines you can use to show different services as example. Similar to the screenshot below.

0 Line based line with text

The first step is to create a Family.

1 create family

Then select the Line Based Detail Component Family template.

2 use line based detail component

In the empty family click Create ribbon -> Line.

3 create line

Make sure the Line tool is selected and then select the Light Line. Draw the line in the drawing area from the left intersection to the right intersection as shown.

4 create light line

Now to add the text item we’ll create an Annotation symbol and load it into the Line based family. To start go New -> Annotation symbol.

5 Create new Annotation symbol

Select the Generic Annotation template.

6 Use Generic Annotation Template

In the drawing area click Create tab and Label. Click close to the intersection to place the Label.

7 Add label

In the resulting Edit Label Dialogue box click create at the bottom. Name the parameter. Set its type to Text and click Ok.

8 add a new parameter

Once the parameter is created in Revit click the green arrow to add it to the Label.

9 click the arrow to place

You’ll see the Label being added to the intersection. Now delete the red text and Save the file.

10 delete note and save

Load the Family into the Line Based Detail component.

11 load into Line based family

Back in the Line Based Family. Add the Annotation Symbol by clicking Create -> Symbol.

12 Create symbol

Place the text symbol in your drawing area as shown. We’ll later position it correctly.

13 Place annotation symbol

To create some detail wrt left and right insets create two vertical Reference Planes as shown.

14 Create 2 ref planes

Add a dimensions to each of the reference planes.

15 Add dimension to each ref lines

Select the first of the dimensions and click Add Parameter as shown.

16 Select dim and add parameter

In the following dialogue box name the parameter and click OK.

17 Name the parameter

Now that the Parameter is created you can select the other dim and pick the parameter from the list.

18 Add the same parameter to the other dim

Now that the insets are created we need to set up the positions of the inserted Letter parameter. Select the Question Mark family -> Click Array and make sure you have Last option selected. I also set the Number of items to 4.

19 array the letter

This will create 4 items. Select the leftmost one and Align and lock it to the horizontal reference plane at the inset. Also Align and Lock to the vertical reference plane.

20 Align and lock the first letter to the left ref plane

Align and Lock the rightmost question mark item. To the right inset.

21 Align and lock the last letter

Good idea is now to test your family by clicking the Family Types icon. Change the values and see if the family acts according you what you expect.

22 test the values

Now you can create a parameter to set the number of item along the line you would select the array and click Add Parameter.

23 Select the Array add par

Name the parameter as shown and click OK.

24 Name the par

Test the parameter and see if the number of items change by clicking the Family Type icon and setting the value.

25 test the par

To add actual letters instead of the question mark you can Tab-Select one of the question marks.  Click Edit Type on the Properties palette on the left. Click the small grey map button on the right side of the parameter called Letter in this case. Click Add parameter as shown below.

26 Tab select the Qmark and Edit Type adding par

Name the parameter Letter as well and click Ok. Once created select that same parameter in the Associate Family Parameter box and click Ok.

27 Select the Letter par and Ok

This operation will map the nested Annotation Symbol parameter called Letter to the parameter called Letter in the Line Based Detail Component.

28 The Symbols Par is now mapped to the local par

Save the Detail component Family and Load into your Project.

29 Save the Fam and Load into Project

Draw the line based item using Detail component tool in Annotate Tab-> Detail Panel -> Component.

30 Draw the line as Detail Component

Now select the line and click Edit Type. Set the Letter to A and click Ok. All the lines that were drawn will now have a A.

31 Select Line Edit Type and Add a Letter to the line.

You can Edit Type and Duplicate the Family if you require different lettered lines.