Creating an adaptive mass model in Revit


This article outlines the procedure to create a simple Revit adaptive family that wraps onto a Revit conceptual mass model forming the structure and façade of the building.

The first step is to create the conceptual mass. Then the adaptive family and then wrap the family over the model to form the façade.

To create the conceptual mass model open the Conceptual Mass family from the Application Button (Blue R) ->  New -> Conceptual Mass. As shown below.

1 create Conceptual mass

Now create a mass that resembles your building shape. For the purpose of this article Im not going to go into creating the mass model.

2 create the mass

Make sure the model is not shown in X-Ray view and deselect the model. Now divide Surface.

2 devide surface

Set the type of structural division you require for the façade. In this case we use the Rectangular type.

4 Set the div pattern

You can also set the size or number of divisions as shown below.

5 set the panel sizes

Now go and Load family and access the Curtain Panel by Pattern folder.

6 Load the appropriate family.

Load the Curtain_Panel_Rectangle adaptive family into your Mass model. Select the mass and check if the family you loaded is listed in the Type Selector dropdown as shown below.

7 It will now show up in the family area.

Go to the Family tree and Edit this Curtain_Panel_Rectangle family as we want to add structure to the adaptive family.

8 Go to the Family tree and Edit the family

Place a point midway on one of the sides.

9 Place a point

Select the point and draw a rectangle to the size of the frame thickness.

10 Select the point and draw a rectangle

Select the rectangle and the four sides. Click Create Form to create the sweep geometry.

11 select the rec and the 4 sides and Create form

You can add material properties if needed and then Load the family into the conceptual Mass Family.

12 Add material properties and Load into Project

Now select the conceptual mass and switch the type of division and select the edited family.

13 Switch the Panel Family

The Rectangular adaptive family will fill each of the division and complete the façade. Note that each of the division vary in shape and size and the one adaptive family fit into each division. You can finish the process by by loading the Conceptual Mass family into a Project of your choice.

14 The adaptive components fits to each segment - Load into Project.