Download Earlier Versions of Autodesk Software


In this video, we show you how to download earlier versions of your Autodesk software if it is indeed available for you to download under the EULA terms of your subscription.

Usually, when we work with BIM projects, we like to keep them on the version that they were originally created in. That’s because you always stand a chance of losing information when you upgrade the model. Projects are sometimes revisited within the first five years of their existence. In this case, it might be necessary to install a much earlier version of your Autodesk software to operate on the models. In one such instance, a query came in about how a team might download Navisworks Manage 2020.

In the past, you could have used the Autodesk Virtual Agent or AVA for short, but these days we use the Autodesk support page for these downloads.

Of course, if the version is not too far back you can always access them using your Autodesk account.

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