Enscape as an Alternative to Discontinued Revit 2020 Live

This article provides an interesting overview of using Enscape with Revit giving tips on using Revit smoothly with Enscape.

Entering a design in VR is very much different from seeing a rendered movie or image. It is difficult to explain, instead, the user must “experience” VR for themselves.  One does get a real sense of whether the spatial arrangement of model elements is going to work.

This raises the question, what platform should one use for Virtual Reality (VR) simulation when designing. Two options immediately spring to mind:

  • Enscape
  • 3ds Max and Unity

While 3ds Max gives one the ability to create super realistic VR scenes, it takes a lot of training and experience to get a result in a short time.

On the other hand, Enscape gives a user the ability to plug and play. Sample renders can be seen here:


I find Enscape a particularly useful design tool. If I were a dedicated designer, I would gladly use it in all my designs, and I would also let my clients experience the spaces.

With lightboxes set up, one can navigate the model using controllers, but even with just a headset, it is possible to navigate the model using a mouse and keyboard (just don’t let another person navigate for you, else you stand a very good chance of getting nauseous).

Some key features:

  • Library of content that can be placed in Revit (displays as mesh in Revit but photorealistic content in Enscape)
  • .ies photometric lights port into Enscape
  • Export standalone .exe file that can be experienced in VR on any machine with the requisite specifications (https://enscape3d.com/knowledgebase/system-requirements/)
  • Render a stills and panoramas onto the internet so clients can see the design intent by virtue of only having a browser.

Get a free trial of Enscape here:

If you would like to purchase Enscape, need training using Enscape or help in your office to apply it correctly, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.

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