How to get missing Revit Grid or Level lines back


How to get missing Revit Grid or Level lines back

A Customer phoned in recently whereby they could not find their grid lines even though they have not switched off the category etc.

This is a common issue if the grid or level lines are not stretched to the extents of the model.

So, to fix the issue I suggested the following:

Step 1: Go to plan view and draw a Scope Box around the extents for the building. A scope box is used to define the extents of annotation lines.

Step 2: Now draw another grid line across the building so that you have a visible item. Select this grid line, right click and select the option ‘Select All instances -> In Entire Project’ to select the other grid lines even though we’re not seeing them.

Step 3: In this case we actually have select 10 other grid lines. So 11 in total. Once selected change the Scope box property in the Properties panel from ‘None’ to the name of the newly created Scope Box’s name.

Step 4: You’ll now see the selected grid lines will change their extent to fit the scope box and they’ll appear in the floor plan. You can now delete the original grid line and also the scope box if you want to.

The same process will also apply if you have Level lines that are not showing in elevation. You also create the scope box, draw a level line, select all the other level lines and assign them to the scope box.