How do I do a path animation in AutoCAD


To do the animation in AutoCAD you need to follow this step. A good idea is to move your 3D model to the 0,0 point. This seems to be the focus point of the camera by default.


Now draw an arc around the 3d model. This will become the camera path eventually.


As the arc is on the ‘ground’ you should move it upward so that it a bit higher. Make sure you move it in the +Z direction as shown.


The next step is to start up the Animation Path tool but by default the Animation panel is turned off. So in the 3D Modelling Workspace make sure you are in the Visualize Tab. Right click to the right of the ribbon and click on Show Panels. Turn on the Animation panel.


On the Animation panel click the Animation path icon.


The animation dialogue box will appear and you should click the Camera Path selection icon and then select the arc in the drawing. This will create a camera path called Path 1. Then under the target selection area set it to Point and click the selection icon. Select a point on the 3d model. In Autocad 2017 it disregards where you click in favor of the 0,0,0 point. (In earlier versions, this selection worked fine ) and that is why we moved the model close to 0,0 point at the start of the process.

Then change the Number of Frames to say 300 frames for the animation to be 10 seconds long.

Set the resolution and perhaps the Visual Style. Click Preview.


A small preview window will appear showing the result and you will be able to see the camera sliding along the arc.


Once the preview is done you can click Ok, name the video and watch while it renders the 300 frames of the animation.