How to add attributes to an AutoCAD 2020 block and export them to a table – Part 2.



In the previous part, we created an AutoCAD block with an attribute. In this part we will be extracting the information from the inserted blocks.


Currently, I have inserted three blocks as shown.

01. Add more blocks

To create a table export of the information, select the Table tool in the Home Tab and Annotation Panel. Then select the “From object data in the drawing” option. Click Ok.

02. Table settings

If AutoCAD asks you to Save please do so. On Page 1 select the “Create a new data extraction” option and click Next.

03. Step 1 - Create

Now you’ll have to save the data extraction Pages in a file. Give it a name. As example: “manhole export” and click Save.

04.. Step 1 - save the extraction

In Page 2 make sure the option “ Include current drawing” is selected. Click Next.

05. Step 2 - include current drawing

On the next Page unselect all the Object by right-clicking on an item on the left and selecting “Uncheck All”.

06. Step 3- Rightclick and select none.

Then select only the Manhole block object. Click Next.

06. Step 3- Select only Manhole block

On Page 4 uncheck all again by right-clicking on the left column.

07. Step 4 - Rightclick and unselect All

Then only select the properties you want to include in your table. In this case, I selected the X, Y coordinates as well as the “Node_No” attribute. Click Next.

08. Step 4 - Select properties

On Page 5 you’ll see the preview of the table.

09. Step 5 - Review

To add a simple Total underneath the Count column right-click on the column and select Totals Footer.

09a. Step 5 - insert totals

You’ll see the Preview has a Totals underneath the Count column, effectively showing the user how many of these blocks have been inserted. Click Next.

09b. Step 5 - Preview

At Page 6 make sure only the “Insert” option is selected. Click Next.

10. Step 6 - Select only Table option.

Page 7 gives you the option to select a different Table Style. Click Next.

11. Step 7 - except all defaults

And then click Finish.

12. Step 8 - Select finish

Then select a point on the drawing to place the table.

13. Insert table

Then Zoom in and have a look at the table.

14. Table

As you can see the X and Y positions of each of the blocks are shown as well as how many blocks are used.


This process is very useful if you want to place multiple objects in a drawing and need to count how many there are and /or need to record their positions. In this example we added the X, Y Values to each block to show its position in the drawing.