How to add SA Flag in Lumion


To add your own flag image to Lumion for example your country or your company logo like I have done with the South African flag, as below, please follow the simple process explained in the article.

0 SA flag

First you need the image you want to attach to your flag. In this case I googled South African Flag and clicked on the Image part in google showing all the images of SA flags. Pick on visually and Right click on it. A menu will appear and select the ‘Save the Image’ on your harddrive.

1 Google and save image

Now that you have a flag you’ll need a flagpole. To download a flagpole you can go to the Trimble 3D Warehouse for instance. Search for flagpoles as shown below.

2 search for flagpole

Once you see one that you want download the flagpole. In this case I used one without a flag. So only the pole. Save the sketchup (SKP) file onto your harddrive.

3 Download Flagpole skp file

Now that you have all the components open Lumion and go to our scene. Click the Object button on the left and Import at the bottom. Then select Import as shown below.

4 lumion import

Browse to the flagpole image file and open. Place the flagpole in your scene.

5 place

Now go to Objects ->Outdoor ->and select the object thumbnail.

6 Outdoor objects

Click the Assorted tab and select a flag. I used the Spanish one.

7 select flag

Place the Spanish flag onto the flagpole. Your cursor will snap to the flagpole.

8 place flag

It should look like this.

9 like so.

Now click on the Edit button on the bottom of the screen and select the grip by the flag.

10 Edit flag prop

A large black image button will appear. Click on it.

11 add new image

Browse to your South African flag image and open. You’ll now see the SA flag flying in the wind.

12 done