How to change your Autodesk Software’s serial number without reinstalling

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The first question that comes up is why would you do something like this. Well the issue recently has arisen whereby a customer had an existing Quarterly or 3 month Desktop subscription ( new software Rental system from Autodesk)  was about to lapse and then he purchased a new 1 year Desktop Subscription. The new 1 year Desktop Subscription product has a new serial number but the actual installed software is the same. So, the only thing that needed to change is the end users AutoCAD serial number.

He could have uninstalled and then reinstalled using the new serial number but a quicker way was to just change the existing product’s serial number.

It’s actually a very simple procedure in which you will open the particular software. In my case I used AutoCAD. Once opened you go to the top right of the screen and click the down arrow next to the question mark icon. See below. Then click the About option.

How to change your Autodesk Software’s serial number without reinstalling

This will open a License dialogue box in which you click the Manage License button as shown.


Now you’ll see the license and you can click the arrow on the left “opening” the details of the software. Then click the Update button next to the serial number. See below:


Type in your new serial number and click Activate link as shown below.


The software will go through an activation process and once finished your software will have a new serial number.