How to control Revit Host Layers to show a floor and wall section lineweight correctly


The idea with this blog is to show how to easily change the way host layers are shown in section views. This is particularly useful when you want to show certain host layers in a thicker lineweight in these views.


I have created a floor wall connection in Section view. I turned on the lineweights. By default the border is shown in a thicker line than that of the layers within the floor.

1. default lineweights for layers

The ideal is to have the concrete that is part of the floor to show with a thicker lineweight as shown below.

1. Thicker lineweight for certain layer


To do the above adjustment you first you need to know the function property of each layers within the floor construction. Select the floor and select Edit Type. Then Select Edit next to Structure properties.

3. Edit structure

At the bottom of the Edit Assembly dialogue box you can turn on the Preview. Once you see the layers of the floor please notice the Function property next to each host layer.

4. Structure properties

You can click Cancel to exit the dialogue box.  Then go to the View properties of the section view and select the Visibility Overrides button or type VG as keyboard shortcut.

5. Graphics Visibility Overrides

In the Visibility Graphics dialogue box look for the “Override Cut Line Styles” checkbox and check it. Then click the Edit button.

6. Edit Host Layers

Within the Host Layer Style dialogue box it shows the Line weights per Function of the Floor layer. With this system you can assign a line thickness to each of the layers. In our case we want to have the concrete part of the floor to show thick. So, I set the layer as shown below.  Click Ok.

7. Host Layers

The result I as follows.

1. Thicker lineweight for certain layer


As you can see you can set line thickness per host layer. Note that this setting applies to all the host including wall. You can use this setting in all the views including other section and plans. Or even add it to your View Template.


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