How to copy your Steel connections to other steel members.



To copy an existing steel connection that you have spent time with to other parts of your model is very easy in Revit 2020. This task was made very easy due to one of the new features Autodesk has added to the 2020 version of Revit.


For this blog I will use the standard Revit structural sample.

Copy Steel Members - 1. Open Sample

Opening the model, I’ll focus on creating a single steel connection on the connection as indicated.

Copy Steel Members - 2. Create Connection

Next step is to load all your steel connections. On the Steel Tab select the Connection Settings arrow icon. Then Select All the connections and Add them to the Loaded area to load. Click OK.

Copy Steel Members - 3. Load connections

Now that all the connections have been added you can add it to the drawing. Before you add connections, you should make sure of two things. 1) Make sure the view Detail Level is set to Fine.

Copy Steel Members - 4. Set View to Fine.

2) And make sure the visibility of all the Structural Connection sub categories are turned on. You can do this by selecting the Visibility Settings button in the View properties. Then find and expand the Structural Connection category and turn on all the sub categories.

Copy Steel Members - 5. Turn on sub categories

To create the connection, select both the column and beam. Then go to the Steel Tab and select the Connection tool. It will create a generic connection. If a warning appears just click OK to ignore the warning for now.

Copy Steel Members - 6. Create connection

Once the generic connection is created you can select a specific one. I selected the “Knee of frame with plate hunch”.

Copy Steel Members - 7. Select specific connection

Now that the connection is done you can copy the connection to other possible intersections. This is done by simply selecting the connection, right clicking and selecting the “Propagate Connection” option.

Copy Steel Members - 8. Propogate copy connection

Revit will think for a while depending on the number of instances and then the results should appear. If a warning appears just click OK to ignore the warning for now.

Copy Steel Members - 9. results


This copy or propagating of the connection feature that Autodesk added to Revit 2020 saves hours of time and is very simply and easy to do. The added benefit is that if you edit the Connection type of one of those connections, then all of then adjust.

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