How to create a custom glazing component in SANSCalc Desktop



Recently I received a question on how to create a custom fenestration element in SANSCalc Desktop to be used as a windows type. A need to create your own custom component will arise if you want to use specific supplier’s windows and doors. Many suppliers have window and door products tested by CSIR and their U-and Solar Heat Gain values have been set.

Using this information, you can add this custom item into SANSCalc Desktop and use it to assign U and SHGC values to the glazing and frame types for a window or door.


The process is very simple. Open SANSCalc Desktop Application and make sure you have a fenestration element created. In the example below I have added a Window element called W1.

SANSCalc Desktop Custom Element-1.Window

Now find the ‘Glazing’ column and and select the cell and down-arrow. In the list, at the bottom is a Custom field. Select Custom.

SANSCalc Desktop Custom Element-2. Glazing

Then do the same for the ‘Frame Type’, selecting Custom.

SANSCalc Desktop Custom Element-3. Framing

Once you have selected these Custom fields the U and SHGC values are ‘open’ so you can then add your own value into these cells. In this example I add 0.5 for U and SHGC values.

SANSCalc Desktop Custom Element-4. Custom U and SHGC

These value are then used in the Calculation to the right.

Multiple Rows

If you want to add the information to multiple rows you can use to Multi selection area.

SANSCalc Desktop Custom Element-5. Mutiple

First select multiple rows by picking the first row on the left column and then Shift-Select the last.

SANSCalc Desktop Custom Element-6. Select multiple

Then complete all the information in the Multiple Area and click Apply. In the example I applied the Orientation.

SANSCalc Desktop Custom Element-7. Apply Multiple 1

And then the G and P Values.

SANSCalc Desktop Custom Element-7. Apply Multiple 2

And then the Custom items.

SANSCalc Desktop Custom Element-7. Apply Multiple 3

The only manual input will be the Mark of the Window, sizes and then the U and SHGC Values.

SANSCalc Desktop Custom Element-8. Add U and SHGC

Also remember to always enter values from left to right in a row. This needs to be done as the calculation on the right only adjust if the value on the left get changed.

SANSCalc Desktop Custom Element-9. Work from left tot right

And remember to save.


Using the multiple select option allows you to quickly change many rows at once.  And by adding the custom field you can change SANSCalc to work with any Custom Window or door supplier.