How to create a road on an existing site using the Site Designer (Part 2 of 2)

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We’ll be using the site created in Part 1 or you can use any simple existing site to create the road onto. In Part 1 we also explained how to download the Site Designer Extension as an Autodesk Subscription benefit.

So the first step is to create a model line showing the road alignment or path. Model lines can be found on the Architectural Tab.

flat site Revit using Site Designer 09

Now go to the Site Designer tool and click Street.

flat site Revit using Site Designer 14

A Dialogue box will open in which you can set various settings. Note the Setting as below where I set the road to be 500 above the relative elevation of the site. This means that the road will run upward along the slope but at 500 higher than the slope. The alternative will be to have to road run horizontal at a defined elevation if you select the “Constant Elevation” setting. Also note the Setting to use an existing Host Line. This means we’ll select the existing Model line drawn previously. Once set Click Insert.

flat site Revit using Site Designer 10

Pick one of the Model lines of the road path. An Information dialogue box will appear where you need to decide about Mass visibility. Set as below making sure the Mass is shown in all views. The road will be created as a Mass Object.

flat site Revit using Site Designer 11

Click ok and the tool will perform the various tasks. When the Locate Street dialogue box appears click Close. You’ll notice a road has been created.

flat site Revit using Site Designer 12

You can again view the road in 3D to visualize better.

flat site Revit using Site Designer 13