How to fix a Revit MEP connector that face the wrong way   


A customer asked a question whereby they have added a pipe connector to a existing wash hand basin outlet and could not get the connector arrow to be positioned correctly or point in the direction he wanted. He also could not click the switch icon to switch the connector around.

Here is the WHB:

How to fix a Revit MEP connector that face the wrong way   

I had a look at the connector and there are two ways you can add a connector – by 1. Face or by 2. Plane.

The easy way to add a connector is to add it by Face. Inside the family you select the Create Tab and then the connector. Then pick the face on the object to place the connector. Now on this basin there is no flat face on the bottom to select to place a face so you’ll have to use the placement by Plane method.

In this case I went to the Left elevation and drew a reference plane at the bottom of the basin just below the outlet.

How to fix a Revit MEP connector that face the wrong way   

Now name the plane to make sure you can select it later.


Back in the Plan view go to Create Tab-> Pipe connector and make sure you select the Work Plan option in the ribbon.


Once selected pick the reference place you named earlier. Click Ok.


Now set the Diameter to 40. Then go to Move tool, make sure you select Disjoin and unselect Constrain then move the connector to the physical outlet.


When you look at the Left elevation the arrow might be on the wrong side and if you click the Switch icon it does not work.


The only way to get the arrow to point in opposite direction is to invert the work plane. To do this select the workplane and then click and drag the right grip horizontally to the left, past the left-most grip.


As soon as the ‘right’ grip moves to the left side of the ‘left’ grip notice the arrow connector arrow switches around to side side you require. See below.