How to fix Autodesk Licensing System Error 1



We recently had an issue where a customer phoned in with a problem. The problem was that Revit did not start up. It returning an Autodesk Licensing System Error 1 as shown below.


Upon searching for the solution on the internet I found the following site on the Troubleshooting Page on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

On this site there were five possible solution. I went through the first four solutions without any success on solving the problem.

Solution number five was to reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime programs on the PC. I  followed the link and then another getting to the following page:

On this page, the process of uninstalling and reinstalling each of the different C++ versions could take a long time to do. The alternative was to use an alternative process to auto re-install all these C++ programs using an all-in-one installer. I downloaded this installer from  the following page:

I then ran the app. The app wanted me to reboot as it want to run on a freshly rebooted system. So I had to do a reboot first.

Starting the app it wanted the user to confirm by entering ‘y’ for yes. After the app went had gone through the process of reinstalling all the MS C++ programs it asked the user to press a button to finish.

lic error1 - 2

I closed the app and hereafter Revit starter successfully.


I have come across this MS C++ all-in-one reinstall tool before but this time it solved the problem. I hope this information will assist you in solving Autodesk Licensing System Error 1 problems in the future. If you require more information please contact us at Micrographics via: