How to get started with the Extended Trial Programs from Autodesk



As you know Autodesk has extended the use of some of its cloud collaboration products trial period to 31 May 2020. This is well received as you can now safely work from home for an extended period of time for free.

Getting started:

Many cloud-based products are available, from AutoCAD Mobile to Bim360 products and Fusion 360.

To get started with these you would perhaps need some assistance. Micrographics can provide training on how to get started via remote assistance if needed, but you can also select the product from the list below and follow the processes to get started.

0. Extended Trial - Revit

I’ve followed the Revit link in the list called “Product help for working remotely”.

On this page, I followed the first entry called “Working remotely with Revit”. It takes me to an Autodesk blog about working at home and explaining the various options.

The link “Revit Worksharing course” takes me to a 30 minutes course to learn more on Revit Worksharing.

There is also a link to learn more on the BIM360 Design worksharing workflows.

1. Extended Trial - 30 min worksharing course


The last link under the Revit part takes you to a “Getting Started with Revit” area on the Autodesk Knowledge Network. Following this will assist you to learn more on the general use of Revit.

2. Extended Trial - Getting started with Revit


If you are using Revit, you can really get into the cloud collaboration concept with enough information as explained above.

Perhaps you are new to Revit and like to learn more? The ‘Getting Started with Revit” link as outlined above is a good place to start.

Micrographics can also provide remote training on Revit and other topics, if required. If you need any further information on training and support please contact us at: