How to install a Autodesk Network License (Part 2 of 2)


Part 2 – Installation of client machine.

(for reference the Part 1 of this article is listed here: )

The first step of Part 2 is to download the software. Please use the Autodesk Virtual Agent to download the required software. Remember you can install up to 3 versions back if your product is on active subscription.

Here is the link to the process to follow using the Autodesk Virtual Agent. Click on the  link at step 1 to start up the Virtual Agent.


Now to test install your software on one of the client PCs. Make sure you follow the step below:


  1. Before installing make sure your UAC is turn off. ( User Account Control in Control Panel)
  2. Make sure all AV scanners are turned off temporarily. ( Anti-Virus scanners)

With regards to the actual installation process: (For 2016 and earlier versions this is done as part of the installation. For 2017 and later version, you’ll select the Network license option when opening the software.)

  1. In the dialogue box where you add serial number, Select Network option on the right and add the single server name the same and your server host name.
  2. Also add the serial numbers and product code of your software on the left hand side.

Here is some screenshot with regards to the process:

 Once the software has been installed make sure you install all the service packs  for your software downloaded from:

  1. Now open the software and test.
  2. We assume you only have a couple of installations to do so simple go ahead and install the software and service packs on all the PCs. If you have, say more than 5 client PCs, a good idea is to use a Software Deployment whereby you create an executable package which can be installed on each PC by simply clicking one exe file. This process is not included in this article.