How to install Revit 2022 Content


How to install Revit 2022 Content


Each year Autodesk tweaks the delivery of the standard content for Revit and this year they have added another method.

Content delivery after installing Revit 2022.

The download and install method have been around for a while and Autodesk has carried on with this method. You can visit the site here to download:

Revit 2022 content 1 website

Download from the Autodesk Account:

You can also download the content from your Autodesk Account by visiting and then selecting Products on the left.

Revit 2022 content 2 autodesk account

Then you can find your product in the list and select ‘View Downloads’ In the following window select the Updates tab and download the content.

Revit 2022 content 3 autodesk account updates

New method:

Autodesk has added the various country content libraries to the Autodesk Desktop App. This app is installed with the main software and can be started up from the Windows Start menu.

Revit 2022 content 4 desktop app

Checking the download

You can download and install the Revit 2022 Country Content with whichever method you prefer. Once installed just double check inside Revit that the paths in the Options are set so that you can access the content.

Revit 2022 content 5 checking paths


‘Download when you need it’ workflow

An alternative to downloading all of the content is that you download the items as you need them via the ‘Load Autodesk Family’ tool. Using this tool you would browse and select the item you need and then download and insert it into the local file.

Revit 2022 content 6 Load Family tool

Alternative workflow

Another recent additional is that you can also install the content as part of the ‘Custom Install’ tool inside your Autodesk Account.

Revit 2022 content 7 Custom Install

Once you select the software you would like to install you can select the Content you would like installed as shown.

Revit 2022 content 8 Custom Install settings


Autodesk is catering for everyone with all these ways to download content for Revit 2022 which is great.

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