How to load extra Steel Connections options for Revit 2020 using Dynamo



The need sometimes exists for additional Revit Steel connections. Extra steel connections can be created manually, or we can load additional ones using the Revit Structural Dynamo package. Let see how this is done


In Revit 2020 open the Sample Revit Structure model.

Extra Steel connections - 1 - open sample

Then go to the Manage tab and Open Dynamo. The Dynamo Dialogue box will open. Select the Packages pull down and select “Search for a Package”.

Extra Steel connections - 2 - open Dynamo

In the Search dialogue box type “Autodesk steel” and the search will find the Steel connections 2020 Dynamo package. Select the Download Latest icon.

Extra Steel connections - 3 - search for Steel connections

The Package will start downloading.

Extra Steel connections - 4 - download

Once downloaded you can close the dialogue box and also the Dynamo dialog box. In Revit select the Dynamo Player tool and click the Folder icon to set the folder that the Player look at.

Extra Steel connections - 5 - Open Forder setting

Now Browse to the following directory:

C:\Users\**Profile name**\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.2\packages\Autodesk Steel Connections 2020\extra\Connections\en-US

And then click Ok.

Extra Steel connections - 6 - Browse to folder

Looking at the Dynamo Player window you will see new tools listed in the Dynamo Player.

Extra Steel connections - 7 - new Dynamo tools


First go to a 3D view and then load all the standard connections from the Steel Tab as shown.

Extra Steel connections - 4.1 - load standard steel types

Extra Steel connections - 4.2 - load all

To use these Dynamo Player Scripts, you’ll have to open a structural model like the sample one we have. In the 3D view zoom into the area as shown.

Extra Steel connections - 8 - zoom into connection

Now select the Clip Angle (Beam to Column) tool.

Extra Steel connections - 9 - select connection

Then click the Select button inside the tool.

Extra Steel connections - 10 - select objects

And then use a Window-selection to select both the column and beam.

Extra Steel connections - 11 - using selection Window

Use the drop down to select the Clip Angle connection type.

Extra Steel connections - 12 - select type

Now select the Run icon.

Extra Steel connections - 13 - select run

The connection is done.

Extra Steel connections - 14 - result.

You can select the connection and select Edit Type to edit the connection.

Extra Steel connections - 15 - you can Modify

Extra Steel connections - 16 edit connection


Having the use of these extra Dynamo enabled connections if very beneficial as users now have the ability to create extra connections via Dynamo and also later on use Dynamo to develop their own connections. If you require more information or training on Dynamo please contact us at