How to request a previous license serial number if you bought the latest version of Autodesk software


Some manufacturing companies own CNC machines that work only on Windows XP and you need to install a version of AutoCAD that still supports Windows XP. The latest version of AutoCAD that supports Windows XP is AutoCAD 2014. As you cannot purchase an older version of AutoCAD you’ll have to purchase the latest version, currently AutoCAD 2016 and add Autodesk Subscription.  One of the Autodesk Subscription benefits is that you can install up to 3 versions back of the current software ; so AutoCAD 2015, 2014 and 2013. So this will solve the problem of being able to install an older version of AutoCAD. However you won’t have the older version’s serial numbers as you only have serial numbers of AutoCAD 2016 you bought.

So the first step is to download the older version. The second step is to get the serial number of the older software to install with.

Both these steps you can do by visiting your Autodesk Account. Here is the link to the Autodesk Account : Here is a screenshot of the page.


Sign in and go click on the Management Tab.


Now search for your product and click “More Actions”. I’ve used Plant design Suite as an example. The product will expand list more options. See below. To download the software you can click on the 2014 Downloads link as shown.


First select the platform either 32 or 64 bit version. In our case you’ll want to install a 32bit AutoCAD as Windows XP is usually 32bit.


Click Install Now or Download Now.


Go through the process of saving the file in a location and starting the download. While the file is downloading you can return to the Autodesk Account and click “Get serial numbers”.


In the next screen complete the number of licenses, your email and phone number and click Send Request.


This request will be processed and an Autodesk Case will be created. They will then send you the requested serial numbers via email within 3 days.

You can then use this serial number with the software downloaded earlier and then install and activate your older AutoCAD 2014 version.