How to share work in the lockdown using Autodesk BIM360



Firstly, hope you are doing well in the lockdown. The aim of this blog is to assist you to be able to share information between users and/or stakeholders.

The entry-level solution:

Autodesk BIM360 Docs solution is the entry-level solution and allows you to set up a cloud area for the sharing of information. Basic Document Management. You basically set up users and upload information to the area. The beauty of this that this becomes the single source of truth. Always have the latest version of the data. This data could be any files from Revit and AutoCAD DWG file to and PDFs and photos. You can also view version history and a complete log of events.

More on the BIM360 Docs solution:


The Sharing Solution if you are using Revit:

If you are using Revit, you can also use the basic BIM360 docs solution, but you’ll need to upload the data manually.

The suggested solution is to use Autodesk BIM360 Design. This product includes BIM360 Docs, but the advantage is that you can upload your Revit project directly onto the Cloud area and many users can work on the same project at the same time. This is basically Revit Worksharing in the cloud, with the added ability to share the model with other industries, so they can link your architectural model into their projects.

Once the different Revit users have done work up to a point, they can then publish their progress to the Bim360 Docs area for non-Revit users to view, red line and comment on.

2. How to share work BIM360- Design

More on the BIM360 Design solution:


Other modules:

There are also other BIM360 modules that cater to different coordination and construction tasks, but we’ll leave writing about these modules for a future blog.

Here is a product matrix so long, showing the different modules and their capabilities:

3. How to share work BIM360- Other

Autodesk’s Offer:

In this time of separation, Autodesk has extended the free trial offer to 31 May 2020 so you can use this offer to share information and be more productive. Below is the link to sign up for the trial.

Free trial for BIM360 Docs:

Free trial for BIM360 Design (includes BIM360 Docs) : ( remember that only the main user from a company should sign up and then invite the other company users thereafter.)

More on the Autodesk Extended Access Program please see the page: