How to turn off UCS icons in Revit Views



I had a request recently that the user sees strange icons in their Revit Views.


On closer investigation, these icons look like the UCS icons in AutoCAD that contain X,Y and Z axis.

How to turn off UCS icons in Revit - 1 image2


They started appearing on Plans and Elevations.

Looking on a couple of websites I found that after upgrading files or updating Revit to a certain version made these icons appear on some file and others not.


The solution was to simply turn off the appropriate Category in each view the icon appears in. In this case you would go to the views Visibility/Graphic Overrides of the particular view and turn off the ‘Internal Origin’ subcategory that appears under the ‘Site Category’. This unfortunately needs to be done for each view. See the process in the screenshot below.

How to turn off UCS icons in Revit - Internal origin

I found the solution listed in a forum entry on the Autodesk Forum.


As you can see these forums are very valuable as they contain problems and solution for various issues and in this case the solution was correct. If you have an additional question on Revit or need some training on how to use Revit please contact us at: